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LeRay Reese

Artist Bio

Acrylic Paints | Certified Bob Ross Instructor

Clearly Nevada Art Gallery began as an inspiration from Bob Ross.  LeRay Reese was inspired 50 years ago when watching Bob’s PBS show, but was involved in raising his family and working in his tax preparation and accounting business.  After retiring he saw a poster for a Bob Ross class at Hobby Lobby in Utah and after a few months of hesitation, signed up for his first class.  After doing one painting, he was hooked!  He went to Utah to take a class one weekend a month and after 6 months, his instructor told him that he should become an instructor.  He traveled to Florida for extensive classes on landscape, floral and wildlife painting and became a Certified Bob Ross Instructor.

He taught classes at Great Basin College until the current crisis closed those down and decided to open his own Gallery and Art class studio.  Bob Ross makes painting look easy and LeRay can show students who have never painted how much fun they can have and still produce a beautiful painting in one class.   He teaches the wet-on-wet techniques that Bob Ross uses to make the paintings look so easy on TV.  The wet-on-wet technique dates back to 15th Century Flemish Masters.

Clearly Nevada Art Gallery is open Monday through Friday from 10:00 AM to 5:PM, and Saturday by appointment.  Come and see beautiful paintings in the Bob Ross technique as well as paintings and photography by local artists and photographers.  Those desiring to take classes may see the scheduled classes and sign up at