Vendors, WELCOME to elko art in the park
Another successful AIP was had thanks to all of YOU!

Returning or new vendors, we greatly appreciate your support! The funds from this event are our not-for-profit’s bread-and-butter, so to speak. We are able to keep our Gallery open for community artists, offer art classes to the community, and provide scholarships.

Art in the Park is always the 2nd Saturday & the 2nd Sunday of July, set-up is the 2nd Friday of July.

2022 Show Information


Saturday, July 9th &

Sunday, July 10th



Saturday & Sunday

9:00 am to 4:00 pm

– Rain or Shine –


City of Elko, Main City Park, located behind the Northeastern Nevada Museum at 1515 Idaho Street.


Friday, July 8th

10:00 am (no earlier)

Requirements, Rules & More Information

In past years, we found that many vendors did not read or utilize the info in the printed packet. Understandable, we all get busy. However, we would prefer to get information to you as you need it and maybe save a few trees in the process.

Please take the time to read through the information provided below so we can reduce misunderstandings.

Indicates important or new.

Indicates contact information or link to other information.


There is a waitlist

If the booth you need is not available, please complete the registration form (paper or online) and send it or submit it to us to be added to the waitlist - no form, no waitlist.

Please do not include payment until you have been assigned a booth.

You will be added to the waitlist in the order that your registration form is received.

If you are on the waitlist, we will contact you if there is a vacancy.

Occasionally we have very late cancellations, we will contact you directly.

All vendors handling food, including vendors offering samples of food items, are required to have one of the following:

Cottage Food Program License

Grower’s Permit

State of Nevada Food Permit

State of Nevada Temporary Food Permit


Generators must be fully shielded from the public.

Any exterior power cords need to be placed under a rug or taped down in order to prevent tripping or injuries.

All vendors who are cooking food must have a usable fire extinguisher.

   State of Nevada Temporary Food Permit

Who pays sales tax?

All sales that result in a product/dollar exchange – it does not matter if you are a not-for-profit or that you are donating your profits to a not-for-profit – are subject to retail sales tax.

Completed Sales Tax documents and sales tax monies (check, money order or EXACT dollars/coins) are returned to the Welcome Booth by Sunday around 4:00 pm.

  We will be accepting One-Time Return forms throughout the event if you are quarterly,  with the understanding that the State of Nevada Department of Taxation requests that you indicate a total of retail sales at the end of the show and that ECAC submits the form back to the State.

Additional State of Nevada Department of Taxation Sales Tax documents will be available online closer to the show and will be available at the show.

   Elko County 7.10-Tax-Rate-Sheet.pdf

All vendors are required to check-in on time & remain throughout the entire show.

  If you do have to cancel and would like to roll-over your same booth to the next year, a $100.00 non-refundable deposit is required.

  If you have a last minute emergency please contact us at 775-544-5198 (phone/text).


Artists  -  Your goods must be your own work. Craftsmen  - Your goods must be your own work. Suppliers - The goods you provide must be able to show that they are supplies for artists or crafters. Entertainers Food Trucks/Tents

New Vendors, please submit photographs of the items you plan to bring
Security will be provided Friday and Saturday night.

   Unfortunately, there is crime in Elko, mostly opportunistic. PLEASE secure your personal items.

   If you are alone or something comes up during the event, please contact 775-544-5198 (phone/text) and we will have a show volunteer come to your booth.

   In an emergency, call 911. For non-emergencies, please call dispatch at 775-777-7300.

The only animals/pets allowed at AIP are CERTIFIED service animals!
If you plan on bringing a CERTIFIED service animal to the event, please:

1. Notify the AIP Coordinator,

2. Bring paperwork certifying your animal,

3. Secure your certified service animal while at the event,

4. Bring your own pet supplies, including water, and

5. CLEAN-UP after your pet!

What is Early-Bird Registration or Pre-Registration?

It is for vendors who are part of the current year’s event and wish to return for the next year’s show. Only attending vendors wishing to return for next years show participate in pre-registration.

Vendors can pre-register for AIP2023 at 2022’s event checkout.

   Bring your completed 2023 registration form and payment – credit card (in hand), check or money order- with you to the Welcome Booth anytime on Sunday.

   If you are alone or something comes up during the event, please contact 775-544-5198 (phone/text) and we will have a show volunteer come to your booth.

If you are changing booths, indicate your booth preferences. We will note the day and time you submitted it and contact you after the show in order they come in.

If you missed pre-registration at the end, don’t worry, simply submit a registration form and email Art in the Park at

   The booth prices have increased slightly this year and will apply to early bird rates for AIP2023.

There are no alcoholic beverages allowed within the park area or associated right-of-way during set-up, the event or clean-up.
The Raffle will be held again this year.

If you wish to participate for a chance to win a free 10’x10’ booth for next year’s Art in the Park, bring your donated item to the Welcome Booth by Saturday at noon.

   Depending upon the number of volunteers, we will be coming around to the booths to collect items.

   If you are alone or something comes up during the event, please contact 775-544-5198 (phone/text) and we will have a show volunteer come to your booth.

Elko County Art Club greatly appreciates your donation to the raffle. All dollars collected go directly toward scholarships for local high school seniors and Student Artist Memberships for low-income children in the area.
Fire Marshall Requirements
Booth Layout

   Art in the Park is required to have 12' walkways in between every 7 10'x10' booths. This means there will be a different setup this year. We understand that this can be chaotic and unsettling and we will do our best to assuage concerns.

If there is concern that this will directly affect your booth, i.e., you typical take 7-8 in a row; then we will contact you directly.

Securing Tents

Elko has extreme wind gusts. Based on our areas wind, the requirements for securing your tent and items requires more than standard tent stakes.

Long heavy duty spikes, twist-in stakes, tent sand bags, tent pole weights, or weighted home-depot type buckets (water, sand, concrete) are required.

The straps go over the upper corners and are pulled directly down to tether.


Setup is the Friday directly before the show. After 10:00 am and Saturday morning before 8:00 am, before the show begins.


Unloading is off Chris Sheerin Way, just east of the Museum, and College Ave, which intersects with Chris Sheerin Way.

No vehicles on the lawn.

Food Truck/Tent Vendors

Access for Food Court Vendors is off 14th Street, next to the baseball bleachers, and into the circle drive.

During Show Parking

College Ave and Chris Sheerin Way offers the closest on-street parking. The parking lot between the pool and the baseball field is open.

   Please do not park in the front parking lot of the pool - you will be booted or towed.

Reserved / Paid Parking

There are 10 reserved spots located in the parking lot at College Ave and Chris Sheerin Way. Each spot is $50.00 and go very quickly each year! The funds collected for parking goes toward ECAC Scholarships.

  2023 registration, each vendor will only be able to reserve one spot.

Handicap Placard Parking

  We have spaces that we can reserve as handicap for those vendors with a registered placard. Please indicate on your registration and we will do our best to accommodate.

Show dates and times: Saturday, July 9th and Sunday, July 10th. 9:00 am - 4:00 pm each day.
All Vendors are required to remain until the end of the show.

At the end of the show ask yourself, did I take care of everything I needed to before I leave?

Did I submit a one-time tax return and sales tax monies?

Did I pre-register for AIP2023?

Did I clean-up my booth and directly surrounding areas of trash, boxes, tape, zip-ties and other debris?

   There is a $100.00 fee for vendors who do not clean-up after themselves. Vendors who have been cited, will not be able to register for the upcoming show until the fine is paid.

Choose your booth size and indicate your 3 preferred locations. Booth spaces are assigned as paid registrations are received.

Vendors are allowed to share a booth space with another vendor. However, only one of the vendors may register, that vendor is now responsible for collecting and paying all sales taxes due at the end of the show.

  Please note that due to new fire safety regulations the booth placements have changed.

  Booth prices have increased slightly this year and will apply to early bird rates for AIP2023.

10' x 10' - $250.00

10' x 20' - $300.00

10' x 30' - $350.00

10' x 40' - $400.00

10' x 50' - $450.00

Reserved Parking - $50.00 (if available)

***Booth spaces may be requested and best efforts to accommodate requests will be made; however, there are no guarantees and park layout may vary.

The registration form can be found and completed in various ways.

Filled in and submitted through the shop when purchasing booths online. Printed, filled in and submitted in person, email or postal mail @ PO Box 1381, Elko, NV 89803 Filled in and emailed.

Cash: Delivered in Person Only Check / Money Order: Payable to Elko County Art Club (AIP in memo) Paypal Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Discover

Please check back here closer to AIP2022 for available discounts.
We are always looking for ways to improve, so this may be amended closer to the show. Check your email for updates or send us an email with a suggestion.

Choose your booth size. Complete a registration form. Pay. Show up and sell your wares.

Registering for Your Booth

Vendor Information

Please note, only certified service animals are allowed at Art in the Park!

Permits and Tax Information

All vendors, please mark each permit / ID you have and fill-in the number.
A temporary business license will be provided if you do not have one.
If you do not have a TID, leave it blank, use your SSN on the NV State form only.

Booth Space

Indicate your first three booth locations. We will try our best to accommodate your request. Please note, the earlier you pay for your booth space, the better the chance of getting your booth preference.
In case the form above is not working or you prefer a different method:
AIP22 Registration Form - Fillable PDF   AIP22 Registration Form - Printable PDF