For the Love of Art

Elko County Art Club’s (ECAC) passion is in our name, ART. With that, art is diverse, with many unique forms of expression falling within the definition. We love all the unique forms of art and hope that the feeling comes across to Artists and the community.

ECAC’s desire is to encourage, promote, and sponsor activities which would aim to increase exposure and benefit the livelihood of the Artist.

Scroll down to read about how ECAC currently accomplishes this vision. 

Image credit: local artist, Darcy Tate

ECAC provides a safe space for Artists to interact, discuss and inspire one another.

ECAC Gallery is designed to exhibit the Artist’s work and furnish an outlet to create a livelihood through sales of their work.

The Rotating Art Program provides an opportunity for the Artist to exhibit their work in businesses throughout the community.

Featured Artist exhibitions, public receptions, and competitions supported by ECAC and the Gallery. 

Artist exposure and sales through the ECAC website.

Bringing Artists together has been very difficult with the Covid-19 pandemic but ECAC will be returning to scheduled sessions for Artists to bring a project and interact with other Artists.